I finally started it! -Intro-

Hello everyone!

I’ll start by introducing myself a bit. I am a person who gets enchanted by the little details of life, who feels connected and enjoys the mystery. But then, I am also the person who on some days feel stuck, wanting change and searching for meaning.  On some days, I have felt a strong need to communicate, to share the intensity of daily experience and have a deeper conversation. This is why I created this blog today; to share and connect.

On this page I hope to share photographs capturing the little joys and beautiful moments as I have experienced them . Also, I’ll write a few of the thoughts that come to me, as they come.  For me, these feel like intimate details and the most precious parts of my soul; I have been a very private and quiet person in life so far. That means that right now I am making one of those little changes that I started wanting 🙂

I am not a great photographer, nor am I a writer but if you visit this page somehow, I hope it had a good effect on you; a smile or a realization, perhaps?


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