A “Thank You” from the Heart.

The last two weeks have been an emotionally tough time; an internal conflict between truth and fear. To re-collect myself and start fresh, I made a list of 19 things I want to add to my life.  I’ve already started on a few. Posting on the blog is one of those new things.

Soon after making that list, I naturally started writing the following on the next page for a person who has never left my side since we made our connection (this is the same person who encouraged me to write that list).

Quoting from my notebook:

  • Thank you for being here when nothing makes sense. 
  • Thank you for understanding my heart, almost as if it was yours.
  • Thank you for choosing to hold my hand among the countless other lost souls.
  • Thank you for encouraging me to walk in the direction where passion lies.
  • Finding you, I found myself.

Even though I was still under the dark clouds of my mind, I knew the moment I looked back at what I had written that it had come from my heart. And most importantly, I shared this spontaneous gratitude note with the person who I wrote it for.


I see the light again.



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