“You can chain …

“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

This quote came to my mind tonight. Though I am not to face these extreme conditions, this is what I want to say to everyone who wants to change me, save me and set limits and rules for me to live by. Sometimes emotional distress is stronger than physical distress. Minds can’t be brought back to their original size once expanded. You can’t “not know” what you already know. That means it’s impossible to go back to a previous belief once you have systematically deconstructed the old belief and realized it’s flaws. Personal relationships and life as a whole would be so much better if people let go of their desperate attempts to keep control.  Simply, the mind can’t be put back into a box once it has seen the freedom of the outside.



4 thoughts on ““You can chain …

  1. Freedom is neither an act of doing everything one wants to do nor an exploration of the vastness of the physical world.There seems to be many definition of the word freedom; and yet true freedom is being set freed from one’s schema that limits him or her only to the physical world which will soon fade away.One can experience the true freedom by stepping higher to an eternal spiritual world where there is no limit.There is more to life than just the physical dimension of this world.This world that i have set my feet and my entire life into is boundless and immeasurable.This is where i grow everyday and this spiritual growth full of joy,light and love of God is freedom.I have found my identity and i now found tbe place where i belong.So i stand as witness of G od my father who set me free from sin,curse,disaster,problems and satan that bound me and dragged me into self destruction,hell,pain,suffering,and failure.This is my testimony.Iam freed from the fear of speaking out to the world about my past that satans controlled for i no longer belong to the chain of the past.Rather iam renewed and now iam borned again in Christ through Holy Spirit who is with me.I enjoy this truth everyday eversec of my life.


    1. I am glad you found a state of joy. Yes, freedom means different things to different people. I write with what I have in my mind and I let the reader find his or her own meaning. I am discovering mine while I write. Maybe I’ll write about what it means to me, one day 🙂 But I don’t think I’ll ever arrive at one definition. Thank you for sharing!
      Much love.


  2. What is this old belief that you had before and that you discarded?What does your picture represent~? Do you perceive inner world to be darker than the outside world where there seems like it has more freedom and light?


    1. Hi Moon, This isn’t about a particular belief. There have been many, including the simplest of misunderstandings. The picture represents what I have been talking about in the post; the dark represents the box and it’s lucky when we get a window (to see outside). This is the first step. However, there are many boxes.


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