Life Outside the Window

I still remember the first time I spotted one of these super-cute little birds, hopping on the branches of a tree, a bit too far. I was excited and ran off to get my camera! Of course, these birds were a new sight to me; there are no Northern Cardinals in Sri Lanka or UK. Since then I’ve been looking out of the same window, my eyes searching for them..


A closer look:


I now see them quite frequently. Yes we see what we want to see!The Cardinals add a bit more life,a bit more soul, and a bit more energy into my mornings, each time I see them.


“Instructions for life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”
-Mary Oliverย 


6 thoughts on “Life Outside the Window

  1. Yes, they are pretty hard to capture. They usually show up only for a minute or two for me. Very attractive birds. I have some pictures of the female cardinals too, didn’t come as good!


  2. We have several pairs of Northern Cardinals that visit our feeders and even though they are regular visitors, they are extremely wary and it’s hard to get a good shot. But I love their red color contrasted against the stark background of the bare limbs.


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