In the Depth of Winter

Dandelion seed, for me, is a symbol of summer. It takes me back to the happy days of my childhood and the summers gone by. Why I love this picture is because it’s unlikely that a dandelion seed would have landed on a pile of snow in the midst of winter. These are the tiny moments in which I find life to be magical, speaking to me without ever using words.


“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer” – Albert Camus 


This symbolism came to me when I was having a rather tough time, in December, which eventually led me to start this blog. A dandelion parachute was something we all wanted to see go soaring up in the air, when we blew it away. But here it was, in a place where it doesn’t belong, not soaring high but lying down.

Maybe it was just taking some rest, before the next flight; before the next wind. Gathering up energy.

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