Dragonflies Together..

It was a hot and sunny day of fall and I was taking a nature walk with my camera. I came across these two pretty dragonflies mating.  First time noticing this really!

White -faced Meadowhawks Mating
White -faced Meadowhawks Mating

“True Fact: This species’ copulation is lengthy, and pairs are often seen in “wheels” (female’s abdomen curled forward beneath male). The eggs are dropped from above into shallow water or in dry areas that will flood later in fall or spring.” source: http://onnaturemagazine.com/dragonfly-and-damselfly-odonata-guide.html

White-faced Meadowhawks Mating

You can see the white-face better on the picture below:


And this one below is the female I believe, who is supposed to be brown faced and more ‘brownish’ in colour. I am not very sure though.  Thought I will share it anyway because it’s a good picture 🙂


By the way, life is more beautiful when you take notice!

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