Golden Crowned Kinglet

What’s a kinglet? a little king?

It started snowing here! I was reminded that I should probably get done with sharing my fall birds.  Also, I’ve been wanting to share photos from my trip to Sri Lanka 3 months back.  Hope to go back to each bright moment bit by bit here.

Below is a Golden Crowned Kinglet. Took me so much time and effort to identify it and I was about to ask for your help. Now that I found this little one’s name, I am pretty sure it’s a Golden Crowned Kinglet by checking up with other pics on the internet.

It was a passing moment. I couldn’t capture the bird good. But happy that I at least saved the moment on camera and a new bird for my bird list:




Interesting fact: “A group of kinglets has many collective nouns, including a “castle”, “court”, “princedom”, and “dynasty” of kinglets.” –


9 thoughts on “Golden Crowned Kinglet

    1. Aha, so I got the name right! too bad I didn’t get to observe the bird for more than a few seconds before it flew away. maybe next time 😦
      thanks for stopping by here, I love your Blog and your quiet solo pursuits! 🙂


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