White-rumped Munia

These are the first 3 pictures taken after arriving at our family home in Sri Lanka. It’s winter in here, too cold and got too many exams, so I thought I’ll start now sharing my summertime experience in Sri Lanka.

It is also the first time I saw this bird species, which my grandma identifies as “Vee Kurulla”. I’ve heard the name before, but never seen them before. They have become regular visitors to grandma’s garden in the time I was away.

IMG_3822 IMG_3823 IMG_3824

Stay with me for more photos of these little finches. I got the chance to become familiar with them over the time I spent there and they became okay with my presence too! 🙂 They are a joy to have around. They always stay in flocks and fly together in a split second, perfectly synchronized. They were also very sensitive to my movements, and would fly away if I moved my legs or arms but would return again soon to feed on the “vee” (rice) we give them.


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