A Walk Through The Paddy Fields

I love paddy fields. It was one of my favourite places to visit. We used to play a lot around these fields = awesome childhood! Here’s one of the Cattle Egrets in flight on a dewy morning in one of Sri Lankan paddy fields:

Cattle Egret in flight
Cattle Egret about to land

Here’s a picture of my little sister walking through a paddy field. She doesn’t have much experience running through paddy fields as she grew up in the UK and haven’t had a chance to get familiar with them. Me? I like the muddy experience.


And something unfamiliar I came across that day:


I think it is one of the owners of the fields who prayed to protect it or to let it grow without problems. The rice plants are still in their young days.. Maybe it was to keep the devils away.  It’s made of the leaves that we call “gokkola” in sinhalese (I don’t know the english word, if there’s one!) and they have also made use of two king coconuts. The structure is very creative, isn’t it?


7 thoughts on “A Walk Through The Paddy Fields

  1. On my way to Ratnapura,I used to love seeing the lush greenery of these paddy fields. Unfortunately, I never got to feel the paddy under my feet although I have always wanted to. I’ll live through your experience until them. 😉


    1. If you live in Sri Lanka you definitely should 😉 or just sit under a shade near one and enjoy the feeling it gives. I hope you try it oneday 🙂 thanks for being here! 😀


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