Winter Visitor – American Tree Sparrow

This is my first time seeing an American Tree Sparrow. Just when I start to think that  there must be nothing new to see around my home, I see something new.. nature is a gift that keeps on giving! Besides, I don’t remember any of the little walks in nature being dull or boring. Each time I was surprised. When you are calm even the way that the sun rays fall on the buildings can give you a moment of joy. Watching the birds give me the biggest joy of all. Somehow, they always seem to be happy. I remember the days when I used to stay inside and complain that Canada (at least the part I lived in) is barren and empty. oops.. my bad..

American Tree Sparrow
American Tree Sparrow
American Tree Sparrow
American Tree Sparrow

So just take a walk outside and see what you find! Experience as your senses grow sharper and the simplest things radiate beauty.


10 thoughts on “Winter Visitor – American Tree Sparrow

  1. This is one of the species of birds most responsible for my getting serious about birding. The tree sparrows look very much like chipping sparrows, which are common in my area in the summer, but migrate south for the winter. So I was quite surprised to see what I thought was a flock of chipping sparrows here in the winter, but they didn’t sound like chipping sparrows. So, since I took photos, I looked the birds in question up and found that they were tree sparrows. Ever since then, I have paid a lot more attention to birds, and found a good deal of enjoyment in learning more about all of the species around here.


    1. Me too. I love to come home and find more about what I saw. By doing this I sometimes know them before I meet them. It was the cardinals that got me interested in birding – when I rented a new room and there were cardinals around. Also around that time I also started noticing many hawks alongside the highways etc and a few were seen around the house. So the red-tailed hawks got me interested too! Thanks for sharing xx


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