Loafer’s Lake

      Hi everyone! You may have noticed that I have been quite inactive in the past few weeks since I left to the UK. When I am in a new environment I tend to give all my attention to that environment and the people around me that I abandon my usual lifestyle. Above all, I have learned from times of separation that time spent with loved ones are precious. So, I wouldn’t apologize. I had a great time.

      I haven’t been outside in Canada since coming home either. You wouldn’t want to stay outside for too long on days like today when the guaranteed high is only -13°C. So here are some pictures from just before I left, around the Loafer’s Lake area which is one of my favourite places for walks nearby.

Female Mallard, Loafers Lake Brampton
Female Mallard, Loafer’s Lake Brampton
Gulls, Loafers Lake
Gulls, Loafer’s Lake
Loafer’s Lake Walk
Snow on berries


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