Cedar Waxwings for the first time

Here are photographs from my first time seeing Cedar Waxwings. I have always wanted to see one of them! A group of about 7 came and left within a few seconds after feeding on the berries. And while getting so excited over them, I missed seeing the goldfinch that’s captured in the last photo. Have a look:

Three Cedar Waxwings Cedar Waxwings 2 Cedar Waxwing

A Cedar Waxwing and an American Goldfinch
A Cedar Waxwing and an American Goldfinch

I was on phone with my partner when the Waxwings came and I exclaimed “this is the best time of my life!”.

(Well, I say that alot it seems.)

I saw many other birds on the same walk too: House finches, Chickadee, Cardinals, Canada Geese, Gold Finches later in the walk (consciously this time), a Nuthatch and a Blue Jay.


14 thoughts on “Cedar Waxwings for the first time

      1. Doing pretty well here. We’re getting a reprieve from the cold temperatures for the next couple of days. So I’ll be out looking for more birds!! I think your pics are beautiful. Keep taking them – you’ll get the quality you want with practice! πŸ™‚


  1. Cedar waxwings are one of the most elegant birds we have in this country, and many people never even notice them. It is delightful to witness your first time with them and your thrill too. Thank you!


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