From Centre of Bucharest

I’ve finally returned with the long promised photographs. These are the photographs I have from a trip to the centre of the city. I have left off some important structures as I felt I did not capture them good enough, such as the National Museum of Arts of Romania. I made a trip to the United Kingdom too before I returned home, mostly for personal reasons.

Somehow, my inspiration for making blog posts comes only after I’ve returned home, to my solitude.

Anyway, here we go >

The Romanian Athenaeum, the great concert hall that is a landmark of the city;

Romanian Athenaeum
Romanian Athenaeum


Walking together
Walking together, near Romanian Athenaeum


Stand Still
Stand Still – an old building that is now part a bank

Revolution Square:

King Carol the first
King Carol the first

Then comes a structure my Romanian friend referred to as ‘the ugly thing’. She doesn’t know why they decided to erect it. I can’t guess either.. looks like a brain pierced by a huge thorn.. blood drips still:


Where old and new meet:

Hotel Novotel, Bucharest
Hotel Novotel, Bucharest

The religious side:

Kretzulescu Church
Kretzulescu Church

University square – University of Bucharest being the building to the right:

University Square
University Square



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