Misadventure leading to Adventure

Belted Kingfisher!

About two weeks back, when I was new to the area I live in, I took a wrong bus and got off at a wrong stop. I had to walk quite a bit to get another bus. On the way I had to walk over a bridge and I saw a bird fly quickly away that I thought was a Belted Kingfisher. Just a glimpse.

So today with my bicycle I went Kingfisher fishing to the same area. I don’t know if it was the same one, but I found one! First time, and always been dreaming about this one since seeing pictures online.

Belted Kingfisher
Belted Kingfisher

Today I’m a happy birder


2 thoughts on “Misadventure leading to Adventure

  1. Congratulations on finding the Belted Kingfisher. The times when I have spotted one, I’ve usually heard it before I saw it fly. This kingfisher has always intrigued me, in part because the female, which you photographed, is more colorful than the male, which doesn’t have the orange coloration. This is pretty unusual for birds, where the female is often drab and nondescript.


    1. ah, I didn’t know the differentiation between the male and female in Belted Kingfisher. However, I learned that this
      happens if the male invests somewhat equally or more in mating which drives the females to compete for males. In nature usually the sex that competes for mating opportunities (less investment, usually male) is the one with bright colorful displays. I researched a bit about the Kingfisher and here the male indeed does more work than usual species. It’s a theory so I don’t know for sure. Hey, thank you so much for the feedback. I appreciate it. It’s good being in company with people having similar interests 🙂


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