Mississauga Sunset

It seems I have arrived at a wonderful place to live in. Found a trail through the woods that can take me to the river in 15 minutes. Life taking me where my heart desires? So today I went to the riverside bench to write a paper that is due tomorrow. I was distracted by anything that moves in the air (too much practice detecting birds?), so that wasn’t the most successful endeavor. When I came back home in another route I saw this amazing sunset. I think that was the highlight of my day. Here I am sharing some pictures of as they were captured.

I like how the sunlight has made the edges of the leaves glow:

Sunset in Mississauga
Sunset in Mississauga
Sunset breathtaking
Sunset breathtaking

And in this picture I like the perspective, the size of the sun against the telephone pole in the left of picture, the human made building on the right side and trees in between.

Sunset over Mississauga
Sunset over Mississauga




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