Golden Dragonfly

Nature keeps me in awe, even after taking the actual photo and when the moment of reality has passed. Photos and the editing of photos give new life to what was a passing experience.

I am not a dragonfly expert and I find it difficult to find their names. So I called it the Golden Dragonfly, but if there’s an expert out I’d like to know the proper ID. Photographed in Sri Lanka.

Dragonfly, beautiful creatures of the world
Dragonfly, beautiful creatures of the world

8 thoughts on “Golden Dragonfly

    1. Thank you Mike! I also visited the same site (a different page) last night trying to identify the dragonfly. What seems to be distinctly different from a Wandering Glider is that Glider has a black line along the midline of the tail. This one seems to have it on the sides of the tail. hmm..


      1. Mike I shared a new dragonfly photo on the blog. Something (perhaps the tail) makes me think that this is the female version of that dragonfly. Also they were both photographed at the same place (maybe a two meters apart). Asian Groundling – sadly I only go by what the other people have shared so I might be wrong. Maybe I should give up with naming dragonflies!


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