Chipping Sparrow

There’s a Chipping Sparrow hanging around in the front yard:

chipping sparrow 2

Noticed it first today as I was leaving home to university. Of course I didn’t know that it was a Chipping Sparrow but noticed that it looked different from the usual House Sparrow. My first instinct was that it could be a Tree Sparrow but I also hoped that it wasn’t. I have already seen a Tree Sparrow!  I hurried and captured a photo with the settings I already had  – which turned out to be way off what was needed. So I had to recover some details post-capture and the photo now seem to have a beautiful effect anyhow:

chipping sparrow

The thing is.. the Sparrow was there again when I came back home some hours later. I am hoping it will keep a regular visitor:

chipping sparrow 1

As I have learned today, the black line across the face helps distinguish the Chipping Sparrow from the Tree Sparrow which has a brown line.



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