Scarlet Tanager

This is the first time I am re-posting an old photo. Scarlet Tanager is a beautiful bird. This time cropped closer:

Scarlet Tanager
Scarlet Tanager

I have so many photos to share but I’ve been quiet in the last two weeks. Inspiration for chasing birds, butterflies or other wildlife has been somewhat low. I feel I am getting the inspiration back as I sit on a terrace with a big tree in view and birdsong. But I’m here to study.

I’ve been working a lot and taking a summer course, the one on the “Self”. I find psychology of the self to be quite oppressive as it preaches conformity and social acceptance while dividing the self to dualistic and fragmented pieces that don’t make sense at a larger level of understandingĀ .

When I went out for walks, I didn’t take the camera. I know I’d have taken good images if I looked but this was a different need that took me on walks. To let go.

I’ll b back.


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