Competitive Lives of Red Soldier Beetles

Some details may disturb some viewers:

Red Soldiers 8Red Soldiers 7 Red Soldiers 5 Red Soldiers 4 Red Soldiers 3 Red Soldiers 2 Red Soldiers 1 Red Soldiers


A happy macro session! I noticed these competitive ways only after standing there watching them for a while. I was quite fascinated with them that I also made a video of them. It is my first try at making macro/nature videos:

I hope you enjoyed them.


9 thoughts on “Competitive Lives of Red Soldier Beetles

  1. Wow what a fantastic video & amazing photos. I just discovered your blog on the Nature Videos Tag. It looks like some kind of Hogweed they are mating on. If it’s Japanese Hogweed it’s dangerous to humans. It’s everywhere around our riverbanks & waterways here in the UK. Su


  2. I thought our red soldier beetles were busy … eight were ‘hooking up’ (in pairs) on the flowering carrot in the evening last weekend, but seeing these three ways and four ways take the cake!! πŸ™‚


  3. Wow, spectacular photos!!! Well done….and yes, it looks quite competitive :)!
    I love discovering aspects of nature I had no idea about…thank you!


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