Destination: The City of Brasov

We arrived by train in Brasov on a rainy and cold afternoon.

The first instinct was to find our room to drop the bags at and get warm. We found it right in front of the historical Black Church next to the Council Square of Brasov.

And then, and then only we were ready to enjoy the beauty of this medieval city and town square bustling with life.

The Council House built in 1420 is the centerpiece of the sqaure
The Council House built in 1420 makes the centerpiece of the square
Brasov Sqaure Cafes
The Square is lined by medieval buildings turned into cafes, banks and museums
Pedestrians and Pigeons only (an occasional delivery van allowed)
The city of Brasov is cradled in the Southern Carpathian Mountains
Colorful it is
Colorful it is: The past beats it’s heart 

These were only the first few photos I took of the square before taking a day trip to the famous Bran Castle.

To prepare for the journey ahead and to relieve hunger from the previous train ride we had lunch at a restaurant across the street before catching the bus to Bran:

Lunch in Brasov
I love eggplant salad!

Expect more posts from Brasov and Bran!


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