Bran Castle

Bran is the famous castle in Transylvania, Romania, associated with the legend of Dracula. The castle is situated on a hill top with magnificent views of the surroundings.

Even after visiting the castle, it is not clear to me what the exact connection is, except that the Irish author Bram Stoker seems to have cleverly picked fractions from reality and myth in writing the story “Dracula”.

Bran Castle

In Early 1400 the Romanian ruler Vlad Dracul took refuge in the castle in Transylvania. However, the legendary authoritative ruler was Vlad the Impaler, the son of Vlad Dracul. Vlad the Impaler himself (who was the inspiration for the character of Dracula) probably did not have much to do with Bran.

Here are some views from the inside:






Bran 2


The castle itself felt homely and not scary at all. If I had a choice of castle to reside in, I would stay here. I would look out of one of those windows and try to write a book – only if I had that view, only if it was a castle and not a basement.


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