Dark-eyed Junco

Can the Junco bring back the me who loved the birds?


I had lost touch with the birder in me; the ‘soul’ in me.

Two weeks back quit my job which made me an automaton but helped me through university. I graduated with high distinction.

I think I can get back in touch with that vital part of me that posted photos on this blog.

It is taking some effort.

The photo of the Junco was captured when I went for a walk with my camera last week. I felt myself becoming attentive and curious again.

For me birding is a spiritual endeavor.


2 thoughts on “Dark-eyed Junco

  1. Yes, I believe the Junco can re-awaken the “birder” inside us. Life gets busy and distracting but the birds are always about, ever present to calm our frazzled souls. The Junco, to me, is among the loveliest. It is simply beautiful. Gray, white with pinkish beak and feet. A gift.


    1. Thank you Alice 🙂 Birds are what first brought me out to nature in Canada, when I was in an emotionally volatile state. The sense of wonder it brought when I discovered a new bird species was amazing. Took me out of my own head -sometimes it’s good.


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