Grandma’s Garden Birds: Red-vented Bulbul

You’ll have to believe me this time when I say it’s a “Red-vented” Bulbul: IMG_5889

Recently, I’ve been quiet in all the ways possible. Watching the birds that visit the garden is one of my quiet pleasures these days.

Tomorrow I will be hiking up the “Sri Pada” mountain which is considered to be sacred by the island dwellers.

I’ve been advised not to speak a word against the beliefs while on the journey.



3 thoughts on “Grandma’s Garden Birds: Red-vented Bulbul

  1. Lovely composition on this shot, the way the fence spiers move upwards while the bird looks opposite. This type of capture is more instinctive than it is planned but that doesn’t detract from it in any way. Your photography has really matured and improved. Keep up the good work.


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