Species 17: Common Hill Myna

Common Hill Myna

I was thinking that I have seen the endemic species Sri Lanka Hill Myna, before I learned that there are two types of Hill Mynas in Sri Lanka. Thus the ones commonly found are Common Hill Mynas that are spread across South Asia, while the endemic species is much rarer to spot.

Hill Mynas have been kept as pets for their ability to imitate human speech. We met a female Hill Mynah that lives with a family who rescued it from injury.

It gets the front seat of the van.

Sri Lanka Hill Myna (female)
Common Hill Myna (female) 

Was quite unwilling to speak in front of strangers. But that’s understandable. Mom says she can say quite a few things after living with them for three years.

Sri Lanka Hill Myna (female).jpg
Hill Myna with mom

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