Sunrise from Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada)

A long time ago, I took you through the steps of climbing Adam’s peak during the night. This lets you witness the famously beautiful sunrise from the peak and also gives you the delight of having arrived at somewhere breathtaking without realizing it (everything was fascinating as the light filled the darkness).

The atmosphere is spiritual as everyone gathers to see one sunrise at the peak. There’s also a temple at the top of the peak. The smell of incense and the presence of prayer circles the air around the temple. It will make you feel humble.

The hike up the mountain is popularly considered a sacred pilgrimage to the peak where the footprint of Buddha or the footprint of Adam is believed to be marked on the surface of the rock. You don’t have to believe in a certain God or a myth as you climb up, but the atmosphere will surely make you sense the earthly divine around you. That is the divine that is free of dogma.

So in the crazy anachronistic way that I take you through my journeys, here are some photos of the sunrise that day:

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Plus a panorama a bit after the sunrise:



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