Who intrudes sacred nap time?


These two cats were napping huddled together one afternoon, when I walked upon them. They gave me and my company two well-deserved glares as captured by the photo. Sorry, cats.

Cats in Sri Lanka are mostly outdoor cats, like the two in the photo, who have a home base that feeds and cares for them. Yes, their lives will be shorter on average because they face more dangers being out, but they are freer. We never thought of them as pests or dangerous creatures who should be locked away.

Influenced from this background, it’s hard for me to adjust my mind to a cat being kept in a small apartment never seeing a green grass, as it tends to happen here in the Western world.

I know a cat like this. His whole world lights up when a fly gets inside the highly cat safe space he and his human calls home. But this happens rarely. And then when it happens his human worries that the cat will catch a ‘bug’ from hunting and eating the bug! Have humans gone too crazy about controlling the lives of their pets?

On the other hand, outdoor cats have been declared a threat to other ‘actual’ wildlife by experts. I’ve stepped on controversial ground here, and I don’t have exact answers so I will stop for now.


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