Jerdon’s Bushlark

When I saw a Jerdon’s Bushlark for the first time, it was perched on top of the world. What’s the idea behind such a little bird enjoying vantage point over the forest below?
I thought this was reserved for the big guys such as the hawks and eagles. And dear Bushlark, you were supposed to be foraging among the bushes below. IMG_9180Jerdon's Bushlark

Jerdon’s Bushlarks are found in South-East India and in Sri Lanka. They are not one of the commonly seen bird species and I had the hardest time putting a name on this bird. But now we know it’s a Jerdon’s Bushlark and this species of Bushlarks (Mirafra affinis) likes to perch on trees compared to other Bushlarks such as the Indian Bushlark.


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