On nature blogging and strictness of mind

Somewhere along the journey of blogging I started being more concerned about the names and IDs of what I photographed than the spiritual experience of it. For a period of time I also started focusing more on the quality of the images (eg: sharp, clear images) than the story I wanted to share through my photography.

I wanted “more”, I wanted lists and numbers. What else can you expect from a mind that was trained to think in terms of labeling, categorizing, goal setting and achieving? Photographing nature is my hobby, why did I think of becoming pedantic here too?

I also had the strict idea in my mind that I should share only a single photographic subject in each of my posts, which eventually got me feeling frustrated as the amount of photos I wanted to share overwhelmed me. Now I realize that all this silliness took the fun (the soul) away from my posts. Silly, eh?

Here, I’ve started breaking that mindset:


A heartfelt thank you to the beautiful souls who stuck with me in the journey! I get distracted, I go off track but I hope I will always come back to the basics.


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