First Images in Canada for 2016

I walked to the small nameless pond near our home the first morning after arrival. I missed being out in nature while I lived in Bucharest Romania. Of course, it was paradise for me the trips we took out of the city. I particularly grew fond of Busteni, a small town at the foothill of a mountain. In the months of travelling  I realized that while I like to travel, I prefer to travel to areas with elements of nature and homely coziness rather than to busy touristic cities.

When I went to the pond I felt joyful life around me. A Blue Jay was the first bird I photographed being back in Canada where birding started for me:


I felt my senses sharpen all over again as I listened to bird songs, rustling of leaves and watched the movement of things about me as I remained still.


How good it is to notice dew drops again!


A friend of mine when I showed her the photo above asked “did you save the bug?” No. I didn’t feel like breaking the web.


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