It’s the season

Let the memory of you fall free like a dry leaf off the tree of my being – leave me stripped bare like a winter tree. Leave while the rain is falling and the earth is waiting. Leave, it’s the season. 

(Autumn really is the season of nostalgia.)


Northern Flicker

I recently saw a Northern Flicker for the first time.  A pair was foraging on the ground with a flock of Starlings. One perched on the fence for a brief photographic moment before flying off.



Life of the blog

Once you start creating, your creation takes a life of it’s own. I created this blog to share my thoughts. After a few posts directed to this purpose, the blog went on to live the life of a nature photography blog as I discovered a love for photography and bought a DSLR. This blog means a lot to me – it was the very first time I reached out to the world. It allowed me to explore my interests. Before the blog, I was a person who was solely focused on academics, with no hobbies or other talents.

There was a time when I wanted to do so much on one blog space. I wanted to write long carefully composed posts on topics that consumed me – from school and from life. I wanted to share more of myself. At the same time I wanted it to stay a nature photography blog because it was beautiful, I wanted to add more species and more details. When someone followed the blog I was not sure what they are followed me for. Did they follow me for the photography, for the words, or for those travel photos? Didn’t most successful blogs have a main focus? Not a jumble of a single persons varied interests. Should I be curating for what an audience might enjoy? But I started with none.

I am not sure whether to take back the blog and ‘own it’ in a new way or to think of it as a space I have outgrown and explore other possibilities elsewhere. I took two small steps to diverge. I created a new travel blog, shamelessly called the same name Footprints of an Existence for now.

I joined instagram. yeah, you heard right. I strayed away to the new culture of snaps and no words. I’ve been posting there the time I was quiet in here. It helps me explore my creativity and it is great for times when I don’t carry the DSLR (which happens more and more as my DSLR has gotten rather rusty after all it’s expeditions. Click here. Maybe we can keep in touch in one of these new spaces?

There are aspects of me that never made it to the blog, that I now want to start unpacking. Yes, I have an intense MaryOliver-like connection to nature, yet I have gone on to study Social and Political Thought after studying Psychology. I want to start speaking about the ways in which the lives I live collide with each other and how difficult it is to present myself as a whole, rather than in fragments. I keep open to possibilities, including a re-owning of this space.



Earth, Sky and Spirit

Photos from a dusk spent peering into earth and sky:

Painted Turtle in water
Painted Turtle submerged portrait
A cotton sky spread
A large Snapping Turtle
A large Snapping Turtle underwater
Moonlit dusk
Full moon

I also celebrated my 24th birthday on the 7th. Grateful for the eyes that see – grateful to exist.