Brown-headed Barbet

I haven’t touched the camera in ages. But here are some old photos I still want to share.

A strange little fruit loving bird with whiskers who nests in holes made in tree trunks;

brown headed barbet 1

brown headed barbet 2brown headed barbet

Yesterday I sat near the small ‘lake’  near my home in Canada and talked to a stranger for more than an hour. I’m starting to see birds again too.



Ashy Prinia

Endemic race of Ashy Prinia (Prinia socialis) found in Sri Lanka. No rufous rump feathers, shorter tail and distinct call.


On nature blogging and strictness of mind

Somewhere along the journey of blogging I started being more concerned about the names and IDs of what I photographed than the spiritual experience of it. For a period of time I also started focusing more on the quality of the images (eg: sharp, clear images) than the story I wanted to share through my photography.

I wanted “more”, I wanted lists and numbers. What else can you expect from a mind that was trained to think in terms of labeling, categorizing, goal setting and achieving? Photographing nature is my hobby, why did I think of becoming pedantic here too?

I also had the strict idea in my mind that I should share only a single photographic subject in each of my posts, which eventually got me feeling frustrated as the amount of photos I wanted to share overwhelmed me. Now I realize that all this silliness took the fun (the soul) away from my posts. Silly, eh?

Here, I’ve started breaking that mindset:


A heartfelt thank you to the beautiful souls who stuck with me in the journey! I get distracted, I go off track but I hope I will always come back to the basics.

3 Beautiful Birds

The three birds below were photographed at a home garden in Sri Lanka on the same day. It was also the day I photographed the images I shared in little-things-seen-on-a-walk. Something to say for biodiversity.

Red-backed Woodpecker(the red back phenotype is endemic to Sri Lanka)
Another colorful bird: White-throated Kingfisher
Indian Paradise Flycatcher (look at those tail feathers!)