City of Waterfalls – Hamilton

This was my first waterfall experience in Hamilton and only the second in Canada (Niagara Falls was the first of course!).

Smokey Hollow Falls

I could not get close to photographing the waterfall itself from the front, partly due to lack of determination and partly because I did not want to hold back others with my enthusiasm for a good photograph.

The best close up I could get:

Smokey Hollow

Later when I went back near the top of the fall, I saw a ‘proper’ photographer with his tripod and all the right gear standing near the front of the fall and snapping away pictures of the fall. I wish for all the right things too.

Grindstone Creek, Hamilton

As we walked the stretch of the Bruce Trail that goes along the Grindstone Creek, the green was very green, the air fresh and the flow of the creek was soothing to the spirit.

Grindstone Creek, at Smokey Hollow Walk

If I could, I would go here every weekend!

I’ve been working five days a week at the coffee chain. I find my words and creativity drowning and on weekends if I allow them, they come back to the surface – still alive.



Sunset in the Woods

Autumn Light-5542

One of the most beautiful images I have captured this Fall. Love the magic of sunlight.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

The largest Church in Canada. It’s a grand creation inside and out.

Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal
Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal


We visited the church last Saturday. I have to say that I do not believe in religion but I enjoyed very much the visit to the church. As I said earlier, the place is grand and beautiful. Discovering new things – rituals, beliefs, architecture, people- leaves me with a feeling of bliss! I also enjoyed trying to imagine what goes on in the minds of people while they pray, when they believe, and when they don’t (I can’t help it – I am obsessed with the human mind!).  And then I was reading Leaves of Grass yesterday and found a connection with what Walt Whitman says:

 We consider bibles and religions divine… I do not say they are not divine, I say they have all grown out of you and may grow out of you still, It is not they who give the life… it is you who give the life”  – Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass