Cascada Urlatoarea

Cascada Urlatoarea is a scenic waterfall located in Busteni, Romania. The trail leading to the waterfall is uphill through a dense green forest, starting from near the cable car station in Busteni. It takes about 40min on foot to reach the waterfall. The walk is as much scenic as the waterfall itself, so one should not forget to enjoy the journey as well!


This was the first waterfall experience in Romania for me. When we reached the waterfall it was a pleasant surprise to find a person selling corn by the waterfall. There were also other hikers who were ahead of us, who now sat and enjoyed the freshness of air and the beauty of nature by the waterfall.


Streets of Old Sibiu

A series of photos made one morning in Sibiu;


the eyes are watching you..



The beauty you can capture in Sibiu is limitless.

Passage of Time

In Sibiu, Romania

The green vine,the light at the end, 

the two women; one going out, one coming in; 

paint crumbling off, rust gathering on window grills;

passage of time.