3 Beautiful Birds

The three birds below were photographed at a home garden in Sri Lanka on the same day. It was also the day I photographed the images I shared in little-things-seen-on-a-walk. Something to say for biodiversity.

Red-backed Woodpecker(the red back phenotype is endemic to Sri Lanka)
Another colorful bird: White-throated Kingfisher
Indian Paradise Flycatcher (look at those tail feathers!) 



Spiny orb-weavers

Spiny orb-weaver
Spiny orb-weaver
Spiny Orb-weaver
Spiny Orb-weaver

Made a lot of effort to get the angle on the second photo. Totally worth it! This little one excited me so much with it’s unique shape and the red ‘lights’ on either side.

Unique Insect

(UPDATE: Wasp. Looks very similar to the parasitic Gasteruption Jaculator found across Europe. The only quibble I have is that I photographed this one in Sri Lanka. )

Here’s an insect that fascinated me when I found it in grandma’s garden. Several google searches were made to find it’s name without success.

Unique Insect (photographed in Sri Lanka)
Unique Insect (photographed in Sri Lanka)

The main task for today was proofreading a research paper. A computer screen in my face all day. Want to go away to the only free space I know – sleep.

Good night!