Brown-headed Barbet

I haven’t touched the camera in ages. But here are some old photos I still want to share.

A strange little fruit loving bird with whiskers who nests in holes made in tree trunks;

brown headed barbet 1

brown headed barbet 2brown headed barbet

Yesterday I sat near the small ‘lake’  near my home in Canada and talked to a stranger for more than an hour. I’m starting to see birds again too.


Brown Shrike

Today I am sharing my first sighting of a Brown Shrike.

Some info: Brown Shrikes breed in North Asian regions and come down south during the winter. They have the black bandit-mask that is typical for most shrikes.

Brown Shrike-2
Brown Shrike in Sri Lanka  
Brown Shrike-3
front view of the same birdie, looks different

Contrast the above hawk-like photo of the bird with the fragile cuteness captured in the photo below: . Brown Shrike

You’d think they are entirely different birds with different personalities! I guess that’s the beauty in photographing wild things. You come to see contrasts and multitudes within one tiny creature.


White-browed Bulbul Loves…

White-browed Bulbul 

Red hot chili peppers..

White-browed Bulbul with chili

This was my first time seeing a white-browed Bulbul. There were many where I stopped in Minneriya, Sri Lanka. This is also my first time seeing a bird eat chilies, specially this kind that I know to be extremely hot.