3 Beautiful Birds

The three birds below were photographed at a home garden in Sri Lanka on the same day. It was also the day I photographed the images I shared in little-things-seen-on-a-walk. Something to say for biodiversity.

Red-backed Woodpecker(the red back phenotype is endemic to Sri Lanka)
Another colorful bird: White-throated Kingfisher
Indian Paradise Flycatcher (look at those tail feathers!) 



Male Scarlet Tanager

This spring I’ve seen about five more interesting birds I haven’t seen before in Ontario. Seeing Scarlet Tanager for the first time was one bright and brilliant moment. As you’ll notice the leaves were just beginning their new life, it was in May. These are birds that are seen rarely. I was lucky to find one male Tanager close to home at the pond where I used to walk around some days when I lived in Brampton.  My baby goslings, the Great Blue Heron, Yellow-rumped warblers, and the hard to capture Northern Roughed Winged Swallow were all photographed at the same treasure of a pond.

Enjoy the best scarlet you can find!

Male Scarlet Tanager looks like fire
Male Scarlet Tanager looks on fire
First view, Male Scarlet Tanager
First view, Male Scarlet Tanager