Painted Turtles

Way to spend a lazy spring afternoon:

Painted Turtles basking in the sun

Indian Flapshell Turtle

An Indian Flapshell Turtle basking in the sun, that I photographed in Sri Lanka. (Why are South Asian animals often named ‘Indian’?)

Anyway, I found this photo while looking to help my sister who is in third grade and doing an assignment on animals and their habitats.

Interesting fact about turtles I learned today; they eat fish and frogs! I thought they are only plant-eaters. That makes a lesson in science for me too. I usually learn a lot through my pre-post research, deepening my interest in wildlife every time…

And a fact I knew from when I was little; humans hunt these turtles for meat. I can’t blame the turtle for disappearing the moment that it sensed me.

Flapshell Turtle, Sri Lanka
Flapshell Turtle, Sri Lanka