White-throated Sparrow



Sunset in the Woods

Autumn Light-5542

One of the most beautiful images I have captured this Fall. Love the magic of sunlight.

The Colorful Wood Duck

Wood Ducks for the first time! I was lucky to find a pair of Wood Ducks at what was a very small pond, located at the edge of a woodland area that I had walked through. I had been photographing other birds at the pond for about 10 or 15 minutes  without causing much disruption when the pair of Wood Ducks emerged. I was taken by surprise as the pair showed up directly opposite to me. All I had was to click, after taking a breath.

There are birds that I dream of seeing around my area after coming across their photographs online, however Wood Duck was not on my mind as one of the possibilities. I simply thought they were out of my reach. Here we go:

Wood Duck Couple

The female is also beautiful but the male is of course the most dressed up:

Wood Duck

Female Northern Cardinal

A post just for the female cardinal! I think I should since I’ve only focused on the male so far. He catches the eye with his red. But in reality, I find the female more beautiful. What do you think? Here’s for comparison: Male Northern Cardinal


New Image