Lakeside Blues and Pinks


Pink blotched clear blue lake,

now turning a deep green,

Two mosquitoes circling each other

rise in the air

A creature jumps in

leaving ripples dancing

growing outward

to nothingness

Mink, muskrat or otter

does it matter?

Moments pass by

the geese are still making their calls

Ripples form again

as the breeze sweeps in

Bare trees still shaking off winter

double themselves on water

a deeper reflection

their skeletons the blackest of blacks

No pinks no blues no more;

hints of orange fade

between real and shadow.


Between Hope and Despair

I’ve been bouncing between hope and despair for a while now – self-absorbed – trying to make the best decisions. I’ve been taking myself and my future too seriously, desperately holding onto illusions of control. Thinking that if I thought hard enough and wide enough I could change things.

That was before.

Now I feel like I am settling into comfortable mediocrity and with that my dreams feel like the leaves below.  It is the feeling of giving in.


However, I will continue to find joy in little things. I’ve heard that it’s not the path you travel, but how you travel it that makes the real difference. Maybe one day, my dreams will grow wings again.

You know what I’m most afraid of? I am afraid of becoming numb like the many people I see, going about their tasks, passing as well-adjusted members of society.

What does it mean to be well-adjusted to a society that is based on greed, competition and fear?

Capturing Autumn Emotions

On the day that I made this series of photos, I also sat in the library running my fingers over the pages of “Portfolios of  Ansel Adams”. The details of his images stirred my emotions and a few tears came rolling down. The power of simple things, the beauty of the whole world, feelings that we don’t have words for; time, change, impermanence were all contained within those photos. The world with its many allures, calling out to you from different directions. A group of people were playing music in the library for culture day. It was an intense moment where you realize the beauty that the world offers. I think I was shedding a tear for the kind of  life I wanted to live but could not choose. img_4896img_4900img_4914img_4945img_4966

First Images in Canada for 2016

I walked to the small nameless pond near our home the first morning after arrival. I missed being out in nature while I lived in Bucharest Romania. Of course, it was paradise for me the trips we took out of the city. I particularly grew fond of Busteni, a small town Continue reading “First Images in Canada for 2016”