Lakeside Blues and Pinks


Pink blotched clear blue lake,

now turning a deep green,

Two mosquitoes circling each other

rise in the air

A creature jumps in

leaving ripples dancing

growing outward

to nothingness

Mink, muskrat or otter

does it matter?

Moments pass by

the geese are still making their calls

Ripples form again

as the breeze sweeps in

Bare trees still shaking off winter

double themselves on water

a deeper reflection

their skeletons the blackest of blacks

No pinks no blues no more;

hints of orange fade

between real and shadow.



Sometimes it’s okay to let yourself have some rest. Let us be kind to each other and to ourselves. Here are a few words from a favorite contemporary poet of mine:

Here let me hold that soul for you because you have been drowning
in labels for so long that you have grown tired of survival.
Here is a moment of bliss, a moment of aliveness.
All day long I expend. I hold together, I lift up, I give out
But sometimes, I just take in. – Lauren Zuniga