Tufted Gray Langurs

First the individual portraits: IMG_4871IMG_4851

In Sri Lanka if we want to insult someone for being ugly we say they look like the Gray Langur (Heli Wandura).

Secondly, the social side:

I personally love the last photo where the langur is holding the baby and looking thoughtful. There’s some humanness about it. Also, it was very protective of the baby.. he soon turned to the side, hiding the baby from my sight.



a thoughtful journey
a thoughtful journey

The old man sat across us in the train from Bucharest to Brasov. I was drawn by his thoughtfulness as he looked out of the window, his alone-ness, his hat, the first rain drops on the window – everything.

Still, there was also an element of surprise to be discovered after transferring the photograph to the computer.

If you look closely you can see emoticons drawn on the window, perhaps, by some younger person. Three different moods to choose from: happy, sad or indifferent.

         Is he looking at them or has he learned to look beyond them?  

Summer Smiles of Kids





There were many more smiles in this tiny area of water park which is a part of the Walsall Arboretum (a park in Walsall, UK) . The little girl wearing the white t-shirt in the pictures is my sister, many years younger than I. We didn’t expect to find a water park, we just came for a walk and we weren’t ready. But she jumped right in! I realize only now that I should have captured more of these moments of pure joy on my camera 🙂

By the way, there was also adventure: